What is it?

GEO BON is a part of GEO, The Group on Earth Observations. Within the GEO family, GEO BON represents biodiversity, one of GEO’s nine Societal-Benefit-Areas. GEO BON has created a large global network and community of practice involved in biodiversity observations.

How it can help?

GEO BON’s mission is to improve the acquisition, coordination and delivery of biodiversity information (including information relevant to biological invasion) and services to users, particularly decision-makers. GEO BON’s vision is to provide by 2025, a robust, extensive and interoperable biodiversity observation network covering the major biomes of the globe. The observations derived from this network is contributing to effective and timely conservation, sustainable use, and mitigation and adaptation decisions regarding the world’s ecosystems, the biodiversity they support, and the services provided.

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